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On the left bank of the Danube river there is situated a village that bears modifier „The village of mansions“. The territory of Kravany was settled as early as the prehistory what is proved by many archeological findings. The first written mention comes from the year 1245. The village was property of noble family of Tardoš for long time, later it belonged to the Karvais and others squires. The inhabitants were skillful in agriculture, fishing and miller´s trade. Today they go to work not only to Komárno and Štúrovo but also to Hungary. The dominant of village is the Roman-Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built in late – Romanesque style in 1232. In the 18th century it was refashioned in Baroque style and in 1936 was reconstructed again. On the sides of main oil painting of the Virgin Mary there are located carvings of four saints. As the tower was destructioned in reconstruction, there was built a wooden belfry in the 18th century. In 1926 it was substituted for new one. The most important monuments are mansions of the Langs and Szarvassys. Lang´s mansion comes from the year 1908 and today it serves as hall of residence. The Szarvassy´s mansion is today´s building of comprehensive agricultural school. The school owns some glasshouses in which students grow many species of farming products, vegetable and ornamental flowers. Another mansion is a curie of the Botko family. It is situated out of village and it runs as agriculture farm. On the Danube riverbank you can admire yeomanry curie of the Kosztics family which has belonged to the Hross family since 1935. Not far from here there is a Statue of Saint Ján Nepomucký and memorial of „Most priatelstva“ ( the Bridge of friendship). In the village there is an elementary school and kindergarten. Moreover you find there a community centre, post and several shops with assorted goods. Attraction not only for local inhabitants is a romantic waterside of the Danube river with neat beaches. Besides historical sights, natural riches and tasty wine, the village Kravany nad Dunajom offers you particulary its typical hospitality.


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